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Tenerife Holidays – A Simple Guide to Tenerife

Tenerife is a gem dropped near Spain by mother nature. The largest and most populous of the Canary Islands, it is located off the coast of Spain. The island holds plenty of assets to delight the visitors, nestled between the verdant slopes of Mount Teide and the splendid beaches. Tenerife fascinates one with its curious blend of fabulous natural views with engrossing traditions.

Tenerife engages tourists with its marked contrasts. White sands on the beaches contrasts with the natural volcanic earth. Sweeping sea coast visions contrasts with the heights of Mount Teide. Lovely scenic beauty contrasts with the old style human settlements. Thrilling water sports contrast with the leisurely living style of the locals. Music of the sea waves contrasts with the traditional music of the island. These contrasts are really engaging in Tenerife.

Medley of experiences in Tenerife includes long lovely coastline, refreshing forest walks, intriguing traditions, delicious dishes, exhilarating water sports and designer-shop struts. Dark forays into dried volcanic lava buoy the straddler. Expedition to Mount Teide, surrounded by a string of rock formations and intense volcanic colours is something which remains etched in memory for a long time to come. The Tinerfeños put pleasure before business - there is a lot to enjoy in the island.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital, is delightfully free of the hustle and bustle of tourists. Ambling in the city, you will find evocative, brightly painted buildings, sophisticated shops and a tropical oasis of fountains and greenery in the local parks. The city provides you some fine glimpses of the Spanish lifestyle.

Tenerife Beaches – A Simple Guide

Beaches are the most lovable asset of Tenerife. Manicured beaches with diligently aligned rows of sun beds await the tourists. Beaches in Tenerife also offer a lot of variety with black sand, white sand and golden sand options. You could also explore monster surf for body boarding or loose yourself in the secluded coves. This diversity ensures that you have plenty to do on the coastline.

Dark Beauties

Beach treasures have better visibility against the black backdrop of the beach. Dark beauties of Tenerife just mesmerise visitors.

El Puertito

El Puertito

This beach looks like as if it hasn't been discovered yet. With pale gold sand, brightly coloured fishing boats, aquamarine water, a fish restaurant and whitewashed buildings, it is ever ready to welcome the visitors. For wiggling toes in the sand, it is the perfect spot of the experienced globetrotters.

Playa Jardin

Also called garden beach, it is a long stretch of black sand abetted by landscaped gardens. The waves here are bold, which make this beach a preferred spot of the youngsters. This beach also provides you fantastic view of Mount Teide.

Playa de la Arena

This is a small beach set in one of the nicest coves on Tenerife. Providing long sunshine hours, eye-pleasing views La Gomera Island, and stunning sunsets, it is a favourite of sun worshippers.

Golden Delights

These are beaches with golden sand and breathtaking beauty. Is it any surprise that tourists love enjoying their time on them?

Playa de las Teresitas

Undoubtedly the most spectacular of Tenerife beaches, a crescent shaped beach with golden sand cajoled by aquamarine waters flush with tropical fish. With palm trees and Mount Teibi providing the perfect backdrop.

Playa del Duque

Developed with panache, this beach gives you an upmarket feel. Palm leaf umbrella and striped beach huts help the tourists enjoy the beach. The huge volcanic rock bordering the beach shelters the beach from city sounds.

El Médano

A natural golden beach, it is interspersed by surreal rock formations. You can amble on the wooden boardwalk which runs along the length of the beach. With wind a constant factor, the beach is ideal for surfing.

Tourist Hits

Only a few other beaches in Tenerife are more popular with tourists then this one.

Playa Bollullo

This is a lovely black sand beach with huge waves. Get your drinks from the little beach bar and enjoy!. This beach can get a bit crowded on weekends, but it is worthy of a visit.

Playa Las Gaviotas

To say it precisely, Playa Las Gaviotas is a stunning beach. This man-made beach with golden sand, palm trees and crystal clear waters. With such a pretty setting, not a surprise that it keeps on drawing the visitors.

A Guide to Tenerife Attractions

Tenerife has enough to keep the tourists coming back. The island has enough to keep visitors of varied interests occupied.

Places to Visit

Visit Teide National Park which lies about 2000 metres above sea level. Access to the park is either by foot or by cable car. From the peak, on a clear day, there are breathtaking views of the island. Take the children to see the dolphins at Loro Parque. You could spend a whole day at the water kingdom of Siam Park. Near Vilaflor town, you can visit the parish church and the old Palace of the Lords. You could also visit the rock lava pools at Garachico.



Tenerife has an abundant nightlife. If it is from parties, booze cruises to wild nights you are after, rest assured you can get them in Tenerife. Apart from these, you will also find regular night clubs and discotheques. Head for Playa de las Americas if you want a big concentration of pubs and all-night clubs. Veronica is another hot spot, a big complex of bars and night clubs. Tramp's, Bobby's and Busby's are a few popular clubs here. If you fancy trying your luck at the gambling tables, you can visit casinos such as the Playa de las Americas Casino in the Gran Tenerife Hotel ,Casino de Taoro at Puerto de la Cruz and Casino Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz.

Tenerife Food


The seafood available in Tenerife is just mouth-watering. Boats bring in fresh fish to the island daily which are turned into scrumptious dishes. You can also have usual Spanish and Continental food. Playa de las Americas has several pizza resturants, burger bars, fish and chip shops and cheap Chinese buffets. At Puerto de la Cruz, you can enjoy traditional tapas and typical local dishes including excellent fresh fish, lamb, gorgeous island stews and fried pork with chick peas. Devour your meal with one of the local wines, produced from grapes bred in lava soil.

Carnival Time

Carnival Time

Carnival time in mid-February is one of the best times to visit the island when it explodes into a riot of parades and partying frenzy. Every Tenerife town has its own carnival but the biggest can be found in Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz. Children perform dances in complicated steps and take out fancy dress parades. Young girls dress in elaborate, glittering costumes to receive the title of the Carnival Queen. The carnival is a week-long spectacle of solemn religious processions, colourful parades, gala feasting and frenziful partying.

Tenerife Shows


In Tenerife, you can experience several fun-filled shows. Try the Medieval dinner show at Castillo San Miguel in southern Tenerife. You can also enjoy a refreshing family evening of jousting, impressive displays of horsemanship, dancing and merrymaking. Join the Palace Show in Playa de las Americas to rejoice in an evening of international cabaret acts and traditional dancing followed by dinner. At the Pyramid de Arona Auditorium at Playa de las Americas, you can watch a fantastic show of Spanish flamenco.

Tenerife Golfing


If you enjoy golf, you can play the game in Golf del Sur. The resort of Golf del Sur is at 10 minutes drive from the Reina Sofia International Airport. Golf del Sur is a well developed piece of land, around which a number of luxury hotels, timeshare, and residential accommodation have been built. You can also find a reasonable selection of souvenir shops, supermarkets, and a few restaurants and bars. The resort also has a small shingle beach.

Tenerife Water Sports

Water Sports

Tenerife is the perfect place to make a splash or two in calming water whilst enjoying your holiday. Whether you wish to jet-ski along the coastline, scuba dive your way through schools of brilliantly coloured fish or surf atop the waves, the beaches invite you. Tenerife is a place tailor-made for Scuba-Diving, Surfing & Windsurfing, Jet-Skiing, Fishing and Whale Watching. A visit to Tenerife is an exhilarating experience for lovers of water sports.

Tenerife Hiking


A massive network of trails in Tenerife, means that you can find unbeatable hiking routes on rolling hills. While hiking, you pass through unspoiled wilderness and along the shoreline. Check out the jaw-dropping Los Gigantes cliffs. You get a chance to explore the spectacular pine forests of La Orotava, or discover the northeastern Anaga Mountains. However, you get the best hiking experience in Mount Teide, the biggest mountain in Spain, the centerpiece of the incredible Mount Teide.

Tenerife Rock climbing


Rock-climbing is a popular activity among tourists here. With the rugged rock formations typical of its volcanic nature, Tenerife is a rock climbing paradise. The island is brimming with exciting caves and tunnels that were formed by volcanic eruptions. Caves in Tenerife add up to a cumulative length of over 30 kilometers! Most of these volcanic pipes and caves are in the environs of Mount Teide. Cueva del Vieno, approximate 20 kilometers, is the longest volcanic pipe in the world.

Tenerife Horse Riding

Horse Riding

The best way to discover Tenerife's engrossing countryside is to travel around on horse back. Horses available here are strong creatures and provide the perfect ride through the island's natural highlights. Get yourself nestled on a horse and splash through the turf along the island's coastline. Stop in between to explore the fruit groves and soak in brilliantly green valleys of the north. If you are new to horse riding, you can get the lessons here.

Tenerife Transport

Tenerife Airport


Tenerife has two airports – Los Rodeos Airport and Reina Sofia Airport. Los Rodeos Airport, located in north-eastern Tenerife, receives mostly domestic flights. Puerto de la Cruz or in Santa Cruz are close to this airport. Reina Sofia airport, located in the southern part of the island, takes care of international flights.

Airport Transfer Several buses connect the airports to various towns in the island. These buses depart from the airport every half an hour. You can also hire taxis if you want a faster journey. If you are driving from Los Rodeos Airport, take the TF-5 motorway to reach Santa Cruz and other destinations around Tenerife. Driving from Reina Sofia Airport, take Highway Tenerife to travel to Santa Cruz.

Getting Around Apart from the buses, taxis and private car rentals, you can easily travel through Tenerife. Once you reach the towns, you can travel on foot. Taxis can be privately hired for travelling the island. Many taxi operators offer planned itineraries covering popular attractions.

Tenerife Weather

Tenerife has wonderful climate round the year. Temperature difference between summer and winter is really low, making the island the perfect place to visit any time. Rain falls occasionally, although there is no particular rainy season. Gulf Air currents and Moun Teide play major part in the climate of Tenerife. Within Tenerife, the coastal areas have the best climate, enjoying most of the sunshine, higher temperatures and the least clouds.

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